TEL. 0030-2114010187 – 0030-6937511152

Efthimios Papaioannou Mosaics Studio creates works of art for Churches and monasteries throughout Greece and abroad, tessellations, wall mosaics and portable mosaics as well.

It will be a pleasure for us to contact us in order to discuss your needs for tessellation, for either the exterior or the interior or even the whole of your church.

The Studio can create works of art according to the Byzantine technique or contemporary works, either autonomous or as parts of specific architectonic creations. Tessellations, works of art for Private and Public buildings, made with the best materials are the object of our constant effort for the creation of a civilized environment.

Explore our website, see the works, Ecclesiastic and not and contact us, in order to help you with every need you might have, answer your questions or, simply, to order a work you might interested at.

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